Kızılkaya Construction strives to grow healthily with its employees and to provide products and services of global quality and standards. It aspires to be a symbol of dependability, continuity, and legitimacy for its country, consumers, and partners.


In this regard, our Vision and Mission are as follows:


To be the most trusted brand in the sector and always be one-step ahead.


"Creating living areas that contribute to the city's identity"


Employees of the Kızılkaya Group collaborate with all of their stakeholders on shared principles.



We prioritize corporate social responsibility research, empathy, and visionary business practices to keep our stakeholders happy, including our clients and employees. We are success-driven; our focus is on people, nature, and all forms of social benefit; we share success with our stakeholders (employee, client, subcontractor, supplier, society, environment, and shareholder), and we are passionate about our job. Our goal is to create projects that foster profound, long-lasting, and emotional connections with our customers, as well as serve as a source of inspiration for fresh beginnings. We honor our obligations to our suppliers and maintain the trust of our subcontractors. We also assess subcontractor satisfaction, enforce physical subcontractor requirements on building sites, inspect subcontractors and suppliers collectively to maintain workplace health and safety, manage satisfaction, and measure method and frequency as specified. We want to successfully manage resources in environmental management, especially in the fields, and do studies on the sustainability of waste management. We also want to be close to all of its stakeholders, understand their needs and expectations, handle stakeholder input, add value to their lives, and work together to build great tomorrows.


As a company, we value transparency in regards to employee happiness, consumer satisfaction, and all other stakeholders' satisfaction. As a public organization, we prioritize open communication with all parties, being dependable and fair, being an accountable company, and being transparent and honest. In addition, we strive to engage with solution partners by establishing synergy with stakeholders, to create a firm where employees may receive a share, to ensure a win-win situation by sharing with their employees, to both learn from and teach stakeholders, to work as a team, and to collaborate with solution partners. We aspire to be a company that provides cooperation, has internal audit criteria, and conducts audits openly. We participate in social media and collaborate on event planning. We make every effort to be timely and truthful in providing information to all parties and to act equitably. Employees are welcome to attend both company and social functions. We succeed together. We build a successful segmented supplier and subcontractor base, collaborate on projects, and assure strategic collaboration.


As a company, we want to grow by concentrating on our core activities (residents, shopping malls, etc.), implementing appropriate management systems (pre-sale, during the sale, pre-delivery, during delivery, and after delivery), implementing total quality management and management models for sustainable quality in production, collaborating with experts in their respective fields, receiving their comments, and using this expertise in our process of continuous development. Our company is a pioneer in living space creation and services. We work with competent individuals, emphasize quality and technology, and apply our knowledge to living spaces. We always strive to increase employee capabilities, accept responsibility, use initiative, and encourage others constantly execute the job professionally. We value employees who perceive the job as more than just a job, but rather as a life philosophy and a life purpose. We work with customers who internalize commitment to deliver environmentally friendly products and services that improve societal quality of life. 


Our goal is to be open to innovation, closely monitor innovations (technology, business processes, etc.), manage changes with a proactive mindset, and stand out. We will continue to pursue staff competence and innovation. We aspire to be a firm that is continually on the lookout for innovations, creates new goods and services, makes continuous improvements with the help of its employees, successfully leverages technology in all of its operations, and effectively communicates new trends with all of its stakeholders, particularly its employees. We would like to be one-step ahead of the competition. By harnessing customer input, we are paving the way for innovations that will improve their experiences and make their lives easier. As a leader in its goods and services, we use technology and innovations that work for everyone and cover all parts of society. We also use technology that is good for the environment and people. 

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