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The relationship between humans and nature dates back to ancient times. With their existence, humans have adapted to living in harmony with nature, but the urbanization brought about a system that distanced them from the natural environment.

However, in recent times, people have begun to reflect their yearning for nature, especially in their choices of living spaces. The Golden Garden Villas symbolize the return of humanity to nature with various opportunities designed to embrace nature. Architect Çağlayan Kızılkaya has brought together nature and humanity in the Golden Garden Villas. The highly admired Golden Garden Villas are being redeveloped and modernized in Konya Erenköy!

  • Proje Türü Villa
  • Saha Genişliği - m2
  • Villa Tipi 8 Adet Site İçinde Bağımsız Müstakil Villalar
  • Otopark Her Villa için 2 Adet Açık Otopark
  • Brüt -
  • Net -
  • Yüklenici Kızılkaya  İnşaat Mimarlık  A.Ş
  • Yer Konya, Erenköy Mahallesi
  • Baş. Tarih 01/12/2022
  • Bit. Tarihi -






We have created functional, spacious, and comfortable areas in the light of modern designs that appeal to every taste in the project!


We have incorporated details that reflect your style in every corner of the project!



By furnishing our project with comfortable living spaces where you can freely and comfortably spend time with your family, we offer you spacious areas that prioritize privacy


Erenköy Mahallesi, Konya

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