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A shopping center and office project is rising in a unique location in Konya Cumhuriyet District! 

As Kızılkaya Holding, we have developed numerous creative, customer-focused, change- and development-tolerant projects with the objective of "Providing living places that contribute to the city's identity."

Since 1987, we have built many commercial centers, business centers, sports facilities, hotels, and residences in Konya, implementing valuable construction methods in various architectures. In all of our projects, we have offered our 35 years of business experience and "KIZILKAYA" guarantee to entrepreneurs and their families as lucrative and dependable residences and offices in Konya.

FORUM CENTER SHOPPING MALL-OFFICE, one of the continuous and frequent projects of Kızılkaya Holding that will add value to Konya and provide it to its investors, has lately come to life, and KIZILKAYA HOLDING is transforming it into a massive opportunity. The design of the project in this context, as well as its prominent position in the city, ensures that every guest will experience design, elegance, enjoyment, and quality in its opulent spaces. It also ensures prestige, utility, and sustainability with the workplace spaces designed into the campus idea.

FORUM CENTER SHOPPING MALL-OFFICE is located in Konya, one of Anatolia's major cities. The project, one of the most significant to emerge in Konya to date, will transform the region into a tourist destination. FORUM CENTER SHOPPING MALL-OFFICE, a location that provides convenient access, will exemplify the new generation of shopping concept. It boasts the most privileged site in Konya, with a short distance to the university and ring roads, as well as brand integrity. The area is located above high pedestrian and vehicular traffic in the Cumhuriyet, Binkonut, Seyh Samili, and Mehmet Akif neighborhoods.

The shops and workplaces could not be constructed at the building entrances since Cumhuriyet, Binkonut, Seyh Samil, and Mehmet Akif districts are actually within the slum prevention area. Therefore, all the commercial demands of the neighborhoods were centralized on Eyup Sultan Street's commercial axis. The center's market area, health facility, mosque, park, social areas, and educational facilities are now even more vibrant. FORUM CENTER SHOPPING MALL-OFFICE aspires to be the region's largest and most prestigious shopping mall-office project, with a total population of roughly 75,000 people (Cumhuriyet 9120, Binkonut 17242, Seyh Samil 17814 and Mehmet Akif 28604 people).

With its closeness to core commercial districts, public spaces, and industrial zones, as well as its easy access to the main street and ring roads, the region is able to meet the office needs of the corporate world in the Selcuklu district of Konya, which is home to the city's fastest-growing and most active population. The FORUM CENTER, a project with no option due to the region's heavy commercial and office needs, will become one of the exemplary projects in Konya by breaking new ground in this industry. FORUM CENTER is a gift to the city. It has a construction area of approximately 25,000 m2 and is expected to be equipped with spaces that are rich in quantity and quality, as well as spaces suited to the region's population size and structure.

      In the project, there are 90 workplaces ranging from 10 m2 to 1000 m2 and 112 offices, as well as a parking lot for 336 vehicles, 120 of which are closed, a market, bakery products, a car wash, a cafe, a restaurant, and streets of varied m2. There are retail establishments in the area. This project, which never skimps on quality, is in high demand right now and is expected to bring in an extra 50% in the future.

        The Campus Office concept, which is novel, is the product of numerous studies conducted to improve the quality of office life around the globe. Many big companies, especially the biggest ones in the United States, built their own campus offices and became the trend's leading brands. The Campus offices are favored by many companies to increase employee productivity, satisfaction, and motivation.

Being the trendsetters of their respective industries, the most successful, innovative, and largest businesses of recent years have favored campus offices. This concept, realized for the first time in Konya, is now being developed by KIZILKAYA INSAAT in Selcuklu, where all transportation axes converge, and has become the new star of the business world.

FORUM CENTER SHOPPING MALL-OFFICE goes above and beyond your and your employees' expectations with its large green spaces and unique features, such as restaurants, cafes, bank branches, and places for social activities. FORUM CENTER SHOPPING MALL-OFFICE serves as a symbol that promotes contemporary culture, architecture, and lifestyle in the new Konya's commercial life. It offers an architecture where the interior interacts with the exterior and is flexible enough to offer everyone the space, whether it is the office of a one-man enterprise or an organization with hundreds of people. It is positioned as a location where such a rich diversity can exist for individuals who believe that life has multiple facets and that diverse entities should coexist and share their experiences.

We are bringing to Konya an office project that exceeds the office requirements of major cities such as Istanbul and Ankara! The concept has 112 offices totaling 118 m2, with the option of extension if necessary. It solves the traffic problem by being close to the transportation axes; the extra financial burden by charging low fees and giving each unit its own heating and cooling system, the transportation problem by having large open and closed parking lots; and the socialization problem by having places to play and hang out. Furthermore, all of the offices in our Forum Center project are designated as 'COMMERCIAL ZONE.'

It should not be confused with "HOUSE CONSTRUCTION" projects that do not appeal to all occupational categories. All occupational groupings are welcome to conduct business in commercially zoned projects. Each office in our project faces the exterior and is equipped with a balcony and kitchenette. We will provide you with excellent, functional, and user-friendly workplaces.

If you wish to invest in the future, come to Kızılkaya Insaat and take advantage of excellent investment options!



We are bringing to Konya an office project that exceeds office standards in major cities like Istanbul and Ankara!

  • All of the offices in our Forum Center project are 'COMMERCIAL ZONE'.
  • KIt should not be confused with projects titled "HOUSE CONSTRUCTION" that do not appeal to all occupational categories. All occupational groupings are welcome to conduct business in commercially zoned projects.
  • Every office in our project faces the exterior, and all offices have balconies and kitchens.
  • Our offices are easy to use and come in a functional, high-quality way without excessive fees.
  • Number of Workplaces 90 Shops - 112 Offices
  • Contractor Kizilkaya Construction Architecture A.Sh
  • Place Cumhuriyet Neighborhood
  • Start Date 30.06.2022
  • Completion Date 30.12.2023
  • Contact  0506 639 27 84 (Şakir Kızılkaya)





An unrivaled project!

A project that will add identity to the city and eliminate all other options!

Special Location

It is a unique project with its locations close to the important centers of the city and transportation lines!

336 Car Parking!

Your place is ready in the parking lot with a total of 336 cars, 120 of which are closed!

Breathing Cool Offices!

Each office faces the exterior and all offices have balconies and kitchens.



Konya, Cumhuriyet mahallesi

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