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Small Investment, Big Returns!

Small Investment, Big Returns!🌟

Kızılkaya Construction is launching its brand-new project!💥

Introducing the 1+1 Forum Residences!

✅Evaluate your investment in our limited number of 1+1 Residences project, located in a prime area of the city, right across from Selçuk University!

✅Start earning from the ground up for both comfort and profit!

For detailed information, contact us now! ☎️ 0506 639 27 84


Floor Plansı



Project Type: Residential + Commercial

Total 215 Units (1+1= 119 Units) - (1+0= 91 Units) 5 Commercial Units

Location: Bosna Hersek Neighborhood

Start Date: 31/12/2023

End Date: 31/12/2024





Ultra Luxury Living Space

You can expect a life of sheer luxury in our ultra-luxurious units, meticulously designed with the most prestigious brands in their class and exuding awe-inspiring elegance.

Comfortable Bedroom

The aesthetic understanding that is the key to a quality life is here, dazzlingly revealing itself in a remarkable manner...


Exclusive Location

Across from Selcuk University, on New Istanbul Avenue...


Bosna Hersek, Yeni İstanbul Cd. Selçuklu/Konya

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