Recruitment process

Kızılkaya Construction works year-round to place the most qualified people in the most suitable positions, based on its goals and guiding principles. At Kızılkaya Construction, one of the most important factors in our recruitment processes is skills. It is essential that our candidates possess the nine key abilities listed below.


  • Course Determination
  • Teamwork,
  • Communication
  • Collaboration
  • Result oriented
  • Entrepreneurship and creativity
  • Developing yourself and your colleagues
  • Adaptation and Management of Diversity
  • Customer Sensitivity

Depending on what the job requires, all or part of the following evaluation tools are used to decide if our newly graduated and experienced candidates are qualified:

  • Competency-Based Interview
  • Professional personality inventory
  • English placement exam
  • Assessment Center Applications: Our applicants' abilities are assessed based on group and individual activities they complete on case studies provided to them.

As a result, our relevant Kızılkaya Construction company extends a job offer to candidates deemed qualified, and the candidate deemed qualified for the post begins working. Our goal here is to challenge people's knowledge, talents, and competences and position them in a department that matches their qualifications.


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